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Domestic Upholstery

Ashbourne Upholstery Services provides clients all over Dublin and the surrounding areas with the very best in professional upholstery.
With over three decades of experience, we have reupholstered all kinds of furniture including:

Sitting Room Suite
Tub Chairs
Dining Chairs
Piano Stools

More so than simply re-upholstering furniture, we also repair in inner mechanics of the furniture.
We completely re-spring, re-wire and re-pad the furniture.
As such, we not only re-upholster furniture, we complete revitalise the piece.

For the very best in professional domestic re-upholstery services, get in contact with Ashbourne Upholstery Services today.

Our Residential Upholstery Services

We provide our domestic clients with a cost-effective solution to broken, worn out, or out of date furniture. Our team of specialist, re-upholstery experts can completely upgrade furniture while blending the new material seamlessly into the pre-excising décor and interior design of the property.
We are one of the few remaining upholstery companies operating in Ireland that call-out to a client’s property.
Our upholstery experts combine their expertise for fabric with their vast experience with evaluating the unique interior design of the property.
We believe in the importance of design cohesion between interior spaces and the furniture that populates these spaces. As such, our recommendations for upholstery material takes into account not just the shape and style of the furniture but the overall space it will inhabit.


For recommendations on the best material for your furniture, get in contact with Ashbourne Upholstery Services today.

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