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Dublin Upholstery

Ashbourne Upholstery Services provides clients all over Dublin with the best in professional upholstery services. Our team of upholstery experts can complete upholstery jobs quickly and to the very highest of professional standards.


Got an upholstery job in Dublin? get in contact with Ashbourne Upholstery Services today.

Why Choose Ashbourne Upholstery Services

Lead Time


Ashbourne Upholstery Services have the expertise, the resources and the manpower to complete all types of upholstery projects. Our impressive lead time has made us a favourite with commercial clients all over Dublin. We can complete large complex upholstery projects quickly and to the highest of professional standards.



We understand that a bar or a restaurant can’t be without their furniture for even one weekend. That’s why we offer some of the fastest upholstery services available in Dublin. We can pick up your furniture at the start of the week, complete all the upholstery requirements and return the pieces within 3-days.



Our professional upholstery services employees some of Ireland’s most talented upholsters. Every member of our team has over 3 decades of furniture upholstery experience.
We complete every upholstery project to the very highest of professional standards.



Ashbourne Upholstery Services are one of Ireland’s largest upholstery companies. We use our upholstery resources to complete large jobs in a short space of time.
By utilising our company-owned delivery and pick-up vans, we can collect a huge amount of furniture and complete the upholstery project as quickly as possible.
Our larger scale allows us to offer superior rates on our upholstery services.

Don’t compromise on price, on quality or on schedule, get in contact with Ashbourne Upholstery Services today. Ireland’s upholstery experts.

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